Tummy Tuck

People frequently seek consultation to improve the aesthetics of their abdomen as it is an essential feature of the figure. Variations in weight, pregnancies, certain illness, hereditary predispositions and lack of physical exercise affect the abdominal wall, infiltrating it with fat, deforming it and covering it with stretch marks. In the most serious cases, there are also "stomach apron" deformations. Before taking a decision to which type of surgery you wish to go for, it is essential that the elasticity of the skin, the tonality of the abdominal skin, infiltration of fat, presence of scars, stretch marks, and excess skin needs to be taken into account. There are, in essence, three different types of cases:

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  • A little round stomach with isolated infiltration of fat which persists despite regular gymnastics and diets. The patient has good quality skin and well-toned muscle wall. In this case, isolated liposuction is carried out under local anesthesia, dealing with the fact in a permanent manner.
  • Around stomach with moderate excess skin which has average elasticity. There is too much skin for a straightforward liposuction, so a mini abdominoplasty is carried out. A horizontal incision is made by the pubes; it usually doesn't show. The excess skin is removed below the naval, and the muscle pain is reconstituted to give it greater tonality.
  • A strained and distended stomach due to pregnancy or significant weight change. This requires an extensive abdominoplasty carried out under general anesthesia. All the fat is removed from the abdominal wall as well as the excess skin. Tension is restored in the distended muscles. The horizontal scar is longer if there is more tissue to remove.

There is also ultrasound assisted lipo-structure which helps in abdominoplasty to refine the waistline and treat the part on the naval and fatty penetration extending to the back. Superficial liposuction uses finer cannula to look after the elasticity of the skin. Skin with good elasticity springs back more easily after fat removal. 


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