Thig lift

When there is an excess of skin and fat on the inside of the thighs, there is a procedure to remove them. This can happen due to significant weight gain but is also a sign of aging. An initial liposuction is carried out to reduce the infiltration of fat. The excess skin is resected and fixed at the poneurotic and muscular levels. An unobtrusive incision is made in the inguinal fold. The process is completed under general anesthesia or in several cases with an epidural. During postoperative recovery swelling or bruises may appear there but these are eventually reabsorbed. A collar dressing (or flexible drapes of the pantie girdle type) is applied and left on for a few days.

The patient can start walking soon using analgesics which reduce any pain that may exist, especially while sitting due to the location of the scars. This procedure corrects the sagging of the tissue inside the thighs, and the unobtrusive scar is hidden in a natural fold.


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