The Cheekbones

In some cases, the jugal bone does not develop properly leaving the angle of cheekbones insufficiently marked. The angle may also lessen with time due to the slippage and reabsorption of tissue. This causes the face to seem inexpressive. The physiognomy of the face can be determined and then improved, to do this there are several procedures.




  • A small silicone implant is made of the shape and volume desired and is done by the endobuccal route, so there is not visible scar. This method is suitable for a permanent rejuvenation.
  • Autologous fat grafting can also be done, it spans over two to three sessions and is done under local anesthesia.
  • The most popular option is injecting filler products like hyaluronic acid to give instant results without any surgery. 

Cheekbones can be made more prominent by using rhinoplasty or a complete or partial facelift. Such methods have a great effect on the overall aesthetic of the face.


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