Plastic Surgery

With the technological advancements made in recent years there are many more options to improve a part of your body which is why the number of people having plastic surgery has risen drastically. However, even though it will improve your aesthetics it does not have the power to improve your life overall so make sure that you have realistic goals. Plastic surgery includes both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

When opting for plastic surgery, one should make smart choices. And the first, most important choice is to select the right surgeon for you. Choosing a PMI surgeon means that you have selected a doctor who has completed five years of surgical training with at least two years of practice as a plastic surgeon and has experience in all plastic surgery procedures such as breast, body, face and reconstruction. Make sure that the surgeon only operates in accredited medical facilities, adheres to a strict code of ethics and fulfills medical education requirements.



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Why to choose PMI

Available 24/7

We understand that quick communication with someone local is crucial and therefore our representatives are available for you all day long and weekends as well. Don´t hesitate to contact them!

Individual approach

We treat every single patient individually. We try to find a solution according to your wishes and ideas reflecting your needs. All of our staff and coordinators are perfectly fluent in English so you don´t need to be afraid of any language barrier.
We care about you!

High quality and professionalism

We can guarantee the best quality of the surgeries as our surgeons are very well qualified with long-time experiences not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. Be sure that you will receive professional only care at high standards.

Modern and safe

You will be treated at modern clinics with the newest equipment, in a clean and pleasant environment. Everything for your safety – this is our priority for your treatment. We want you to feel comfortable and calm when undergoing a treatment.

Top services at affordable prices

With us, everyone can get the best care at affordable prices, up to 70% lower than in the UK, Ireland or Western Europe, and of comparable standards according to the EU.

Free consultations

Personal consultation is the first step to finding the best solution for you. Via phone, e-mail or messages we offer free consultations and recommendations from the best surgeons in Europe just for you.

Help with planning your trip

Our coordinators will help you to plan every single detail of your trip, from the first contact, through finding of your surgeon and the most suitable date for your treatment, tips for nice accommodation or flight tickets, to your safe return home and the fastest recovery. We will make your trip to Prague as comfortable as possible.

Extra services

Airport pick-up, accompany during your stay, consultations anytime, our help and more – we provide you with many services to make your stay in Prague as comfortable and stress less as possible.

Up to your choice

You receive several quotes from our top surgeons so you can choose the most suitable option for you. We care about your satisfaction and we believe this is the best way how to tailor the treatment to your individual dreams and needs.

No waiting list

Is there a specific time you would like to come to have your treatment done? No problem! We are able to find the most suitable date for you according to your wish and time possibilities. Anytime you want, there is no need to wait for your dreams to come true!

Everything transparent

You will have all information about the treatment, your trip and costs before you even come to Prague. You don´t need to be afraid of any hidden costs or extra charges. The final price includes all services such as pre- and after-operation care, hospitalization, anaesthesia, medications or services provided by our agency.

Fair payment conditions

We offer you the possibility to pay for your treatment either in EUR or GBP. To confirm and secure the date of your treatment you only need to pay a deposit and the rest of the price you will pay at the clinic (cash or by card).