This procedure corrects localized excess fat deposits which spread around several parts of the figure: the "Jodhpur area", the buttock and abdomen, the inner side of the knees and thigh the ankles, calves, jaw and the layout of a face. The surgical signs surely check fat penetration however mainly they mark the amount of skin resistance which regulates the worth of the consequence. It also depends on the case; the process can be arranged under anesthesia, or a profound local anesthesia or standarcommond anesthesia. The nature of anesthesia selected bet on the quantity of parts to be cured. The scratch is a petite no (more than a centimeter) and inconspicuous (typically in a natural wrinkle). A cannula is used, primarily to activate the different fat cells, then to slurp them out. The process is comparatively wild (almost taking a couple of hours). A special bandage is put in that part (typically this includes a pantie belt or a flexible corset).

Surgery animation

After this process, puffiness and staining can be seen in those areas that’re operated on. Marking is usually gone in fifteen days, and puffiness eases slowly. Patients are directed to dress a provision dress for about couple of weeks. The result is visible in five to six weeks afterward the process and becomes perpetual after thrice months. In the end, liposuction modifies unappealing immoderations of fat situated in numerous parts of the figure in an exact and sturdy manner.

If the resistance of the skin is good, the skin helices back and keep a great level of pliability. Deprived skin resistance will lead to inadequate refutation and as a consequence, the presence of skin indiscretions.

Current development in liposuction, in specific the usage of greater cannula letting for more devious trials, means it is thinkable to attain results in parts which were previously observed as problematic, for example, the front of a thighs or the framework of the face. Providing it has enough resistance, the exterior of the skin can, formerly unconventional from its original fat, spiral back more indeed. Ultrasound-aided liposculpture, in usage currently for above a decade; this method has revealed itself to establish a significant benefit, in actual through an abdominoplasty. It is, therefore, thinkable to thin the belly and treat the area overhead the naval in addition to fat penetration that spreads to the back. This method in result lets the fat be dissolved first so as to let for a total elimination by pressure and a more sweet effect. The usage of ultrasound, hydronic weight (Bodyjet), automatic gyration (Lipomatic) and laser (Smartlipo) might also show supportive in certain cases. The goal is to piece the most solid fat in advance (spinal, thighs, belly hump, etc.) and thus significantly to help its elimination by pressure later. Guidance on lymphatic drainage, appealing physiotherapy, reflex drawing and palpation and hydration of skin is chiefly suitable in allowing more speedy reclamation and looking after the resistance of the skin.

The result is long-lasting if not enduring. A former fat that has been detached does not originate. Though, on the occasion of significant weight gain, an extra fat will look and seek to the hype, mostly in the parts that have not been functioned on. Finally, all at once as liposuction improves the body. It also adjusts substantial localized extra fat, and while it rests one of the most actual methods, notwithstanding the advent of alleged replacements which have many real consequences, it is not in itself a management for significant excess weight. It can't act as an additional for food and fair workout and does not treat fat.


Who Is It For?

There may be a formation of the major fat deposits especially in the lower abdomen, hips, thighs and buttocks. This can be caused by genetic predisposition or hormonal changes. If the problem is not related to general obesity, but rather clearly delineated fat deposits, liposuction can both drain these and at the same time decrease the number of fat cells, which prevents future fat deposits from building up. The best age for liposuction is 18 – 45; this is because an adequate level of skin elasticity is required. Depending on individual needs and a personal consultation with the surgeon, older clients may also opt for this operation.

Get Prepared

You will need to take some time off work to get the required rest post-operation. During the recovery period, you will also need support and help from family and friends as you will not be able to do physically demanding jobs, attend social events, etc. In case you have young children you might also need to arrange child care. Make sure that you don’t have any acute sickness, such as a viral illness or cold, for at least three weeks before your scheduled temporal lift surgery; please inform us in case it does occur. No medications were containing acetylsalicylic acid, such as Acylpryin, Aspirin, Alnagon, Mineral, etc., should be taken a week before the operation. Such medicines are blood thinners which may increase bleeding during and after the selective facelift surgery. If women are taking hormonal contraception or replacement, they should stop doing so a month (minimum two weeks) before the temporal lift to prevent thromboembolism. Bring your usual medicine and pills, if possible in the original packaging. Smokers are encouraged to stop or at least considerably reduce smoking two weeks before the operation, and make sure you bring nicotine patches with you. IT IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED TO SMOKE 6 HOURS Before THE LIPOSUCTION. It is required to wear elastic garments after the procedure which you can buy from the clinic or bring your own. We would recommend that you buy them after consulting your surgeon to decide on which size and type are most suitable for you. Ideally, women should not have their period during the operation but in case they do, they should inform their doctor.

How Is It Done?

Short incisions are made (3 to 4 mm) in the appropriate area, in which a cannula (small tube) is inserted through which a particular machine then drains the excess fat. A maximum of two to three liters of excess fat is removed during one session.


Liposuction is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia, using a so-called tumescent liposuction technique. It takes approximately one hour. 

After Surgery

Special elastic bandages are placed over the treated area immediately after the liposuction. These bandages need to be worn non-stop for at least one or two months, and can only be taken off for the time required for personal hygiene. The client usually stays at the clinic overnight and is taught how to perform individual pressure massages of the treated area (these must be done daily for several weeks).  It is necessary to repose in the first days after the surgery. The patient must start applying pressure massages in the operated area after two to three weeks of the surgery, for about a month as prescribed by the doctor.

Possible Reactions

In some cases your temperature may slightly rise for two to three days, post-operative swelling and bruising can also be expected. It is recommended to sleep on your back with your back and head slightly elevated for several weeks of the operation, and you should avoid sudden movements and physical strain An analgesic can easily ease the discomfort connected to any possible pain in the treated area.

Possible Complications

If you smoke, there will be prolonged healing. There can be swelling, discoloration and tightness of the skin for about two weeks. Insufficient post-operative care can result in post-operative bleeding, hematomas and infection of the wound as well as an imperfect effect of the surgery.

Back To Normal

It is possible to return to work and resume normal activities (including exercise) within six weeks of the operation.This is only under the conditions that there are no post-operative complications.


The effect is permanent.


Liposuction is also offered by us as a complementary treatment to other surgeries, such as tummy tuck, to perfect the final result of the operation. Liposuction can also be repeated after a recommended minimum period if necessary.

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