An imbalance in the chin area changes the entire look of the face by giving it an overly aggressive look or a receding look, hence it is an important element in the physiognomy. Genioplasty allows a receding chin as well as a salient chin to be corrected. They can be carried out in isolation or with other operations such as rhinoplasty or proctoplasty.

The receding chin and retrogenia

The procedure takes at least an hour and is carried out using local anesthesia. The operation can follow two techniques: insertion of a prosthetic silicon implant or the use of a section of bone taken from the chin and placed at the front. The latter procedure is carried out using general anesthesia. The cut is endobuccal, and no visible scarring takes place. The outcome is very pronounced as it restores the balance between face structures. Operations can be avoided in certain cases by injecting highly polymerized hyaluronic acid that increases the volume or by lipo filling, i.e., the injection of autologous fat which has a natural and durable filing effect. Often, retrogenia comes with a double chin as a result of an accumulation of fat, and this can be cured using liposuction.

Surgery animation

The salient chin or progenia

The purpose is to soften the profile of a face that has been made to look “hostile” or ‘’aggressive” by too great a projection of the chin bone. The operation is carried out using local anesthesia and takes about an hour. The operation includes removing a section of the excess bone, usually via the mouth. This results in the chin moving back and providing a better balance in the face profile.

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