Breast Reconstruction

During mammectomy often only one breast is operated, leaving it slightly different than the other breast. To restore the morphology of the breast and make it symmetrical to the other one, a reconstructive surgery procedure is performed. The procedure depends on the elasticity of the skin on the side where the mammectomy has been carried out. If there is plenty of surface skin and it is in good condition, then a breast implant can be inserted. Further, if the skin is drawn and not very elastic, strip muscle and skin from the stomach are used to help in reconstruction. Development of the body skin using tissue expansion techniques and lipo-filling done in several procedures over time to recreate the volume of the breasts.

Surgery animation

On the side where the breast has not be operated on, breast augmentation of correction of ptosis or breast hypertrophy is performed. The areola and nipple are reconstructed later using various techniques.

Breast reconstruction has both physical and psychological benefits and is satisfying from the morphological point of view. But it must be remembered that every case is different, and the patient must discuss the details of the procedure with their plastic surgeon.


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